Family Behavioral Services, LLC. is a culturally diverse Outpatient Mental Health Clinic servicing the Washington, DC Metropolitan area. We provide carefully planned and individualized programs for our clients. Our program is designed to enhance the spiritual, psychological, educational, cultural, and social areas of the client’s lives. We put emphasis on adolescents as we understand that this growth period is difficult and may be even more so for those challenged with mental health issues. Our caring and motivated staff are available to assist with facilitating the transition.

Whether your needs entail assistance with medication management or providing individual, family, or group counseling. We do it with care and consideration. At Family Behavioral Services, LLC., we truly believe families come first which is why we approach each client’s situation with understanding and compassion. We understand the challenges our clients face frequently involve complex family, psychological, emotional, and learning issues. To best assist the individual, we may involve family members, teachers, family doctors, and other important people in the person’s life. Together, we work to create a flexible and individualized plan of care that truly addresses each person’s needs.